The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History would like to acknowledge the generous donors who have contributed to the Centennial Campaign.

Donors to Date

Matt and Jenny Adams
Becky and Peter Adams / Adams Legacy Fund
Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation
Lyn and David Anderson
Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Anonymous (4)
Wendy and Larry Barels
Hiroko and Michael Bekins
Linda and Peter Beuret
Wendy and Chris Blau
Ginny and Tim Bliss
Estate of Mary Ann Boardman
B. Paul Moser Trust
Ella and Scott Brittingham
Jessica and Jim Buttimer
Betsy Carlson
Louise and Tim Casey
Carolyn Chandler
John Cotton
Jenny Cushnie and Dennis Allen
Davis Land Surveying
Hilary and Ned Doubleday
The Dreier Family
Patricia and Larry Durham
Elizabeth Bixby Janeway Foundation
Rae and Dan Emmett
Chris and Bob Emmons
Cassandra Ensberg and Tom Jacobs
Anabel Ford and Michael Glassow
Elisabeth and Greg Fowler
Larry Friesen
Dorothy and John Gardner
Elaine and Jerry Gibson
Goodall Foundation
Lindsey A. Goodman Family
Joyce Greene
Lucie Greer
Renee and Ed Grubb
Carole and Steve Halsted
Lad Handelman
Julie Henley
Patsy and Steve Hicks
Hind Foundation
Judy Hogan
Nancy and Karl Hutterer

Hutton Parker Foundation
Palmer and Susan Jackson
Sharyn Johnson
Emily and Blake Jones
Kathy Kalp
Eric and Tracy Kanowsky
Jenny Kearns
John and Bobbie Kinnear
Kristin Kirby and Kevin Whelan
Marvel Kirby
Kirby Jones Foundation
Nancy and Bob Knight
Chris and Pippa Knowlton
Joan Kurze
Lennox Foundation
Francie and Pete Lufkin
Patty and John MacFarlane
Jennifer and John Markham
Angel and Frankie Martinez – in memory
of Adrian Martinez
Maureen Masson
Amy and Mike Mayfield
Janet and John McCann
McCaw Foundation
Gretchen and Marshall Milligan
Mission Canyon Association
Mithun Foundation
Estate of Jan Montgomery
Mosher Foundation
Amy E. Meller – in honor of Joyce Greene
Amanda and Bill Meller – in honor of Joyce Greene
Through the Binns Family Fund of
The Community Foundation Serving Richmond
and Central Virginia
Gary and Maureen Meller – in honor of
Joyce Greene
Jeffrey Meller – in honor of Joyce Greene
Hank and Mari Mitchel
Montecito Bank & Trust
Natalie Myerson
Valerie and Donley Olson
Orfalea Family Foundations

Otis Booth Foundation
Pearl Chase Society
Rosalind and Richard Perry
Heloise and Alexander Power
Leslie and Dennis Power
Robin Rickershauser – in memory of
Charles Rickershauser
Pamela and Tim Rodgers
Cecilia Rodriguez and Bob Stanley
Regina and Rick Roney
Muriel and Ian Ross
Sandy and Paul Russell
Ginger Salazar and Brett Matthews
Janet Dowling Sands
Santa Barbara Foundation
Estate of Brooke and Barbara Sawyer
Diane and Doug Scalapino
Nancy Schlosser
Jean Schuyler
Meghan and Rob Skinner
Virginia Sloan
Jay and Sally Smith
Marianne and Norman Sprague III
Judy and Jack Stapelmann
Ann and Ken Stinson
The Thornton Foundation
Bruce and Robin Tiffney
Chris Toomey
Anne and Michael Towbes
Turpin Family in Memory of George Turpin
Charlotte Tyler
Pam and Terrance Valeski
Jo Beth Vangelderen
Frederica and Richard Welch
Walter and Holly Thomson Fund
Walter J. and Holly O. Thomson Foundation
Brad Willis and Tony Pusathai
Diane and Mike Wondolowski
Penelope Wong and Tim Kochis
Steven and Debra Woodward
WWW Foundation / Adam and Kara Rhodes
Estate of Georgia Young

As of October 2017